Other Informative Websites

Here are some websites we thought you might like to know about.


Canine Influenza

Blind Dog Tips

Buying Pet Medications Online – information

Cornell University – Feline Health Center

Deaf Dogs Tips

Diabetes in Pets

Disaster preparedness – Brochure you can download with helpful tips

Feeding Pets of the Homeless – Help those less fortunate

Figment Ranch – Llamas

Morris Animal Foundation

Pet Health Network

Pets and Parasites

The Purebred Paradox – article by the Humane Society

Rainbow Bridge – Pet memorial

Risk of Salmonella in dogs fed raw food

Sign Language link – to learn signs to use for Deaf Dogs

Be Vaccine Smart!

Xylitol Poisoning – an artificial sweetener used in human food that can kill your pet. Link opens a PDF file about Xylitol from the ASPCA

Critter Control

Have fun with your pets



Freestyle – Dance with your dog

Therapy Pet Pals