May 05 2017

A letter from Dr. M

OOOF – yesterday was a tough day. As I write cards to my clients, it pulls me back to the day, and the loss. I had to let go of some very special pets yesterday. Shiloh was 1 week away from being 20 years old. His Owner brought him to me as a tiny little kitten, and I had the privilege of caring for him until yesterday when we ended his suffering gently and with dignity.

Lennox was a special one for me as well. He was a big … giant…. sweet boxer boy, and he too was suffering. As I counseled his owners about our options, it was clear that he was ready to go. It takes so much courage to make that decision for your pet, and it takes immense compassion and love to not let them suffer selfishly.

Such is our amazing profession. We go from the highs of animals greeting us as old friends, or new friends, to losing patients. Yet, seeing the bond of love between people and their fur babies never gets old. How much richer are our lives for the love and comfort these animals bring. It is only because of this richness that their loss stings so very much.

I love what I do – the highs and the lows, the licks and the scratches, the tail wags, purrs, muddy paws, the giant ones, the tiny ones, the challenges, and the ones that eventually learn to trust us. And I love my clients – who I consider friends and team mates in the care of these animals that are dependent on us. I am so very grateful for all of it.

Dr M

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